Our approach 

We have five generational networks in place in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK & Ireland and the U.S.

Young Sodexo Network

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Sean Haley“The differences between generations can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication, but in a workplace situation, if we raise awareness of these differences and harness everyone’s individuality, it can have a huge impact on the way we work together and will help us perform better as a business. This is why we’ve launched the Generations Employee Network; to help us all better understand the people we work with and to help us be more effective.” Sean Haley, Regional Chairman and Managing Director of Service Operations (and the former executive sponsor of the Generations workstream)


United Kingdom:

Sodexo launched its UK and Ireland Generations Employee Network in 2014 through the aid of GenMatch, a specially-designed board game which helps challenge generational stereotypes by getting teams to talk about differences in an informal way.

The network attracted more than 300 members in its first four months, and also organized a series of workshops and webinars covering ‘life stage’ matters such as managing childcare and building a career.

The Generations Employee Network has already helped Sodexo improve employee engagement across all age groups, and particularly among the 20-30 age group, where there has been a five-point increase.

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