Our objective

We want 100% of our workforce to have access to initiatives supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities by 2025. This means that each country where Sodexo operates will have: 

Our global approach to disability inclusion is driven by a global Disability Voice Taskforce comprised of employees from around the world and sponsored by two Comex members.

An active partner:

ILO Global Business and Disability Network
Sodexo originally signed the International Labour Organization Business Charter on Disability Inclusion on June 29, 2016. We are an active member of the International Labor Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network for promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in workplaces around the world.

“The Valuable 500” Initiative 
Sodexo is a member of “The Valuable 500”, an international initiative that strives to put disability on the business leadership agenda in order to unlock the business, social and economic value of people living with disabilities around the world.

Invisible disability: making mental health and well-being a priority

One in seven people are impacted by a disability, and of those impacted, 70% have non-apparent or invisible disabilities. Since 2017, we’ve broadened the awareness of persons with disabilities to include “invisible disabilities” as part of our commitment to zero harm in the workplace.



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Client engagement

In partnership with ILO’s Global Business and Disability Network and the Business Disability Forum, Sodexo hosted events on disability inclusion, which brought together disability experts and leading global employers to discuss the latest trends and insights relating to disability inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

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Disability Network

In France, the integration of these employees is supporting by our Disability Network consisting of 87 employees (operational and HR managers along with members of trade unions) whose missions are to communicate the awareness-raising actions carried out by the company, to ensure the personalized monitoring of employees concerned, Promote the integration of newcomers.

“One for All, All for One” culinary competition

This competition promotes the autonomy and inclusion of people with disabilities in Sodexo’s healthcare client sites and offers them the opportunity to engage in an exciting culinary project over the course of the year. Since its creation in 1998, this competition has brought together more than a hundred teams (a person with a disability, an educator and a Sodexo chef) in a culinary competition.

Support programs and networks

Sodexo has established support program and networks around the world for our managers and employees living with disabilities. In the United States, the mission of the members of the Sodexo Organization for disAbilities Resources is to raise awareness, provide education and to proactively provide outreach in order to create a culture that embraces, values and leverages people with disabilities.

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